Do you have diabetes or suffer from high blood sugar? In that case, we have a few tips for you on how to get through the holidays.

During the holidays we easily lose control over how much and what we eat. Special dishes, parties with alcohol and sweet desserts lead us into constant temptation. Under these circumstances you cannot always control your diabetes.

While most people don’t have to worry and just enjoy the days of excessive eating and drinking, diabetics are different.

People with diabetes need to be constantly aware of what they are eating. Even a small slip could ruin the party for them.

Even if it may seem “harmless” to you to make a few exceptions from time to time, you should stick to some basic dietary rules!

So here are a few tips on how diabetics can get through the holidays healthy and control their diabetes.

Controlling diabetes even in exceptional situations


Stick to Your Daily Schedule

control diabetes

Distractions and free days are normal during the festive season, but they also affect your usual daily routine.

However, people with diabetes should be careful. Because this disease requires that you always do certain things at the same time.

If possible, eat your main meals at the same time (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The same applies to take your medication and your sports units.



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